Influencer Program

Are you a influencer with over 20k followers on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or TikTok? Then come and claim your free acrylic figure with us today!


It's pretty simple, we give you any acrylic figure you want for free in exchange for one post featuring the product when you receive it. It can be a unboxing video, a photo review or just showing it off to your audience, just make sure you tag us in the process.

Once the content is posted and active for 24 hours you become eligible to request another figure for free! And you can repeat this process forever as long as this program is active! Yes, you literally get unlimited access to our figures for free as long as you keep producing content with them. Pretty sweet, huh?


If you know you're eligible then just contact us! Feel free to DM us using your @account and provide the shipping address information, email, phone number and which acrylic figure you would like to receive.

Once your request is approved, we will create a new order in your name containing the desired 7 colors acrylic figure and ship it free of charge to the destination address.

We will keep your @ in our system. You can contact us again requesting a new figure anytime and we will just verify if the content featuring the previous figure has already been posted and up for at least 24 hours. Once confirmed we will be ready to ship your next freebie again, just like that!


  • Only acrylic figures are eligible to be requested;
  • We only send the basic version (7 colors) of these figures;
  • When participating in this program you agree that any content you create featuring our products, posted using #shibuyalaundry or tagged with our store social media account can be shared, reposted and used as advertisement material;
  • We will verify if your engagement rate is at least 5% (minimum of 1000 likes on average for a 20k followers account) to prevent bot filled accounts from entering our program. The promoted post will also be verified before we issue the next freebie.
  • We may cease this program anytime in the future with no previous notice. Please enjoy our freebies while you can!


We look forward to work with you!